Becoming A Digital Influencer!

Putting the right tools in place to run your online business {Blog, YouTube Channel, & Social Media Outlets}!

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Course Overview!

An eight-week online course dedicated to putting the tools in place to ensure you run a profitable online business.

Yup, that's right your blog, YouTube channel and social media accounts are your business.

We'll cover media kits {our version of a resume}, accessing P&Ls and ROIs {business 101}, pitching to companies and landing/negotiating those deals.

If that weren't enough after 1,000 individuals enroll, we'll pick one lucky course taker and gift them $5,000 dollars so, they too can start their entrepreneurial journey!

Course Deets!

Course Begins Wednesday, November 22nd and Ends Wednesday, January 10th
Implementation Week—Q&A Via Private Facebook Group
Implementation Week—Q&A Via Private Facebook Group
Implementation Week—Q&A Via Private Facebook Group
Final Implementation Week—Q&A Via Private Facebook Group
Kathleen Pagan
Kathleen Pagan
CEO, Endlessly Elated

Meet Kathleen!

With a successful Finance career in Corporate America, Kathleen decided it was also time to pursue her lifelong passion of entrepreneurship. She embarked on a journey as a YouTuber and blogger sharing her tips on everyday living.

Kathleen has been featured in numerous publications, partnered with fortunate 500 companies and has been hired for on camera appearances. Some of her partners include The Rachael Ray Show, Starbucks, Target, and Lindt Chocolate.

In late 2017, Kathleen also declared that Endlessly Elated, while remaining a lifestyle company, would make its core mission Women’s Empowerment. She created the “Fem Think Tank” a group that inspires women to live without limitations and life to their fullest potential. She also went on to utilize her finance background and create a digital course teaching other influencers how to manage their growing businesses.

As imagined, when not sharing tips and ideas, Kathleen can be found at home cooking, champagne glass in hand in the company of family and friends.

If you want to get in touch, feel free to contact Kathleen at:

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